Building a Trading Strategy Based on Support and Resistance Levels

Posted on 2023-05-05

Building a trading strategy based on support and resistance levels requires a thorough understanding of these levels and how they work in the forex market. Here are the steps to create a trading strategy based on support and resistance levels:

Identify key support and resistance levels: Use price charts to identify the key support and resistance levels for the currency pair you want to trade. Look for areas where the price has previously bounced off or reversed from.

Determine the trend direction: Identify the direction of the trend by analyzing the price chart. Determine if the market is trending up, down, or trading sideways.

Confirm support and resistance levels with other indicators: Use other technical indicators like moving averages, trend lines, or Fibonacci retracements to confirm the key support and resistance levels.

Identify entry and exit points: Once you have identified the key support and resistance levels and the trend direction, determine entry and exit points. For example, you could buy near a key support level during an uptrend or sell near a key resistance level during a downtrend.

Use stop-loss orders: Place stop-loss orders to limit your potential losses if the price moves against your position. Stop-loss orders are placed below a buy entry point or above a sell entry point.

Use profit targets: Determine your profit targets based on the risk-to-reward ratio. For example, if you set a stop-loss order at 20 pips below your entry point, you could set a profit target of 40 pips, giving you a 2:1 risk-to-reward ratio.

Monitor the trade: Monitor your trade and adjust your stop-loss and profit target orders as needed based on the price action.

Keep a trading journal: Keep a record of your trades in a trading journal, including the entry and exit points, the reason for entering the trade, and the outcome of the trade. Review your trading journal regularly to identify patterns and improve your trading strategy.

Remember that support and resistance levels are not foolproof and may be broken by unexpected market events. It is important to have a well-planned trading strategy and to manage risk carefully to minimize losses.

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