Consumer protection measures implemented by ESMA

Posted on 2023-05-01

ESMA has implemented several consumer protection measures in the EU to ensure the safety and security of retail investors. These measures include:

  1. Leverage limits: ESMA has set limits on the maximum leverage that can be offered to retail clients. For major currency pairs, the leverage limit is 30:1, for minor currency pairs, it is 20:1, and for exotic currency pairs, it is 10:1. These limits help to prevent traders from taking on excessive risk.
  2. Negative balance protection: ESMA requires all regulated brokers to provide negative balance protection to their clients. This means that traders cannot lose more money than they have deposited in their accounts.
  3. Margin close-out rules: ESMA requires brokers to close out a trader's position when their account falls below a certain margin level. This helps to prevent traders from losing more money than they have in their accounts.
  4. Disclosure requirements: Brokers are required to provide clear and transparent information about their services, including the risks involved in Forex trading, fees, and charges.
  5. Prohibition on bonuses: ESMA has prohibited brokers from offering bonuses, promotions, or incentives to retail clients to encourage them to trade. This is to prevent traders from taking on more risk than they can afford.
  6. Investor education: ESMA encourages investor education to help traders understand the risks involved in Forex trading and to make informed decisions. Brokers are required to provide educational materials to their clients.

These measures are designed to protect retail traders and ensure a fair and transparent Forex trading environment in the EU.

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