Customizing the NinjaTrader Interface for Your Trading Needs

Posted on 2023-04-27

NinjaTrader offers a highly customizable interface that allows traders to set up their workspace based on their trading needs. Here are some tips for customizing the NinjaTrader interface:

Customize the chart: In NinjaTrader, you can customize the chart by changing the background color, adding technical indicators, and modifying the chart style. To access the chart properties, right-click on the chart and select "Properties."

Create a watchlist: NinjaTrader allows you to create a watchlist to monitor your favorite trading instruments. To create a watchlist, click on the "New" button in the "Instrument Manager" window and select "Watchlist." You can add instruments to the watchlist by dragging and dropping them from the "Instrument Manager" window.

Set up a hotkey: You can set up a hotkey for frequently used trading functions to save time. To set up a hotkey, go to "Tools" > "Hotkeys" and select the function you want to assign a hotkey to.

Customize the order entry window: The order entry window is where you place your trades. You can customize the order entry window to display the information that you need. To customize the order entry window, right-click on the order entry window and select "Properties."

Use the NinjaScript editor: The NinjaScript editor allows you to create and edit custom indicators, strategies, and other scripts. To access the NinjaScript editor, go to "Tools" > "Edit NinjaScript" and select the script you want to edit.

Overall, customizing the NinjaTrader interface can help you optimize your trading workflow and increase your productivity.

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