NinjaTrader Overview: The Advanced Trading Platform for Active Traders

Posted on 2023-04-27

NinjaTrader is an advanced trading platform for active traders and investors that offers a wide range of functionalities and tools. It was developed by a company called NinjaTrader LLC and was first released in 2004. NinjaTrader is primarily used for trading futures, forex, and stocks, and it is known for its advanced charting capabilities and advanced order management.

NinjaTrader provides users with a range of features, including advanced charting tools, a customizable user interface, backtesting and optimization tools, and the ability to trade directly from the charts. It also has an extensive library of third-party add-ons, including indicators, trading strategies, and custom charting tools.

NinjaTrader is available in two versions: the free version and the paid version. The free version, called NinjaTrader Continuum, includes basic charting and order entry functionalities, as well as the ability to trade on a limited number of supported markets. The paid version, called NinjaTrader Brokerage, includes advanced charting and order management tools, access to a wide range of supported markets, and the ability to trade through a variety of brokerage firms.

NinjaTrader is highly customizable, and users can choose from a wide range of pre-built templates or create their own. The platform also supports multiple data providers, including Kinetick, Rithmic, and CQG, which allows users to access real-time market data and historical data for backtesting and analysis.

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