The Players in the Interbank Market: Who Participates and Why

Posted on 2023-04-21

The Interbank market is a network of banks and financial institutions that trade currencies with each other. The market is composed of different players that have different roles and objectives:

Commercial banks: These are the primary players in the Interbank market. They trade currencies to meet the needs of their customers, such as companies that require foreign currency for their international transactions.

Investment banks: These banks operate in the Interbank market to trade on behalf of their clients and to profit from the market.

Central banks: Central banks play a crucial role in the Interbank market by regulating the money supply and interest rates. They can also intervene in the market to stabilize exchange rates and protect their national currencies.

Hedge funds: These are large financial institutions that trade currencies on behalf of their clients to generate profits.

Corporations: Multinational corporations are involved in the Interbank market to convert their earnings into their home currencies.

Retail forex brokers: These brokers provide retail traders with access to the Interbank market. They act as intermediaries between the trader and the market, executing trades on behalf of their clients.

Overall, the Interbank market provides a platform for these players to trade currencies with each other, facilitating global commerce and investment.

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