Wholesale Inventories

Posted on 2023-04-18

Wholesale inventories refer to the goods that wholesalers have in stock and are ready for sale to retailers. Wholesale inventories are important economic indicators because they give insight into the supply chain and demand for goods. They are typically reported monthly by the US Census Bureau in its Monthly Wholesale Trade report.

Changes in wholesale inventories can impact economic growth, as businesses may need to adjust production to match changes in demand for goods. For example, if wholesale inventories are high, it may indicate that businesses are producing more goods than are being sold, which could lead to a slowdown in production in the future if demand does not increase. On the other hand, if wholesale inventories are low, it may indicate that demand for goods is increasing, which could lead to an increase in production in the future to meet demand.

Wholesale inventories are often used in conjunction with other economic indicators, such as retail sales, to get a more complete picture of the overall state of the economy.

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